Canadian Forces Pension

Canadian Forces Pension and Superannuation

The Canadian Forces Superannuation is the pension plan for all members of the Regular Force of the Canadian Forces. The plan requires contribution, and provides benefits that depend on the length of service served and reason released.

  • Survivor’s Benefit- In the event of a death of a member, the survivors are entitled to:
    • Less than five years of service: a return of contributions or a cash termination allowance, a month’s pay for every year of service, subject to income tax.
    • More than  5 years of service: a surviving spouse is entitled to an allowance equal to 50% of the pension entitlement that the member had earned, and surviving children are entitled to one-tenth the entitlement, to a maximum of four people.
  • Supplementary Death Benefit (SDB) is a benefit similar to term insurance for all members of the Regular Force, and members of the Reserve Force on Class “C”. The plan requires mandatory contribution from it’s participants. The SDB plan pays an amount equivalent to two years pay to the surviving spouse, the estate or designated beneficiary.
  • Reservists– In most cases survivor benefits do not apply to Reservists. In the case where a Reservist is a former member of the Regular Force, they are entitled to a CFSA annuity, the survivor benefits are the same as for members of the Regular Force.

  • Application for benefits- To identify and apply for what the Canadian Forces benefits are, call the Director of Pensions at 1-800-267-0325. Most often they are busy and you will have to leave a message. They generally return the call within the hour.