When a loved one dies there can be a great number of people and organizations that need to be notified of the death, and someone has to do it. This can be a daunting and emotional task and is rarely perfect as the deceased may be the only person who is aware of all their affiliations and their contact information.  Following is a partial list of people and groups that you may want to contact. Once again it is best to have this information prepared prior to death and readily available.

Consider Notifying:


• Spouses and Ex-Spouses

• Children

• Parents

• Grandparents

• Siblings

• Cousins

• Aunts/Uncles


Neighbors -past and present

Work Colleagues

Organizations and Social Groups

 • Place of Employment

• Former Employers

 • Religious Affiliations

 • Clubs

• Fraternal Organizations

• Volunteer Organizations

• Alumni groups ( High School, Post Secondary Schools)

 • Social Media groups; Facebook, MySpace, Twitter • Political Groups